These were created Jan 11-13 In New Orleans during the inaugural SUPER Challenge

1st Place :

2nd Place :

3rd Place :

TurboSquid $1000 Prize :

But when it started we just had ideas...

Ideas from the Codemkrs Team and Super Bowl Host Committee:

Real-Time Restaurant Wait Time App

Digital Tip Jar for Musicians - Live Streaming from Nola and In person

NORD Playground Events calendar for day of Service and future use for NORD

YOUR Ideas :

Crawfish / Seafood Boil Finder - Visitors always want to know where to find boiled crawfish and tips would help out since not every restaurant offers them on the menu. (Submitted by John Koerner)

Location based event finder app - App with a list of all the things going on in our area. We could see what was going on currently, as well as the rest of the day and tomorrow. Each event would have a time, place and description, and each event would have an amount of likes to tell us visitors what is going to be good. A list of the events would be sorted by time, and would be set within a specified geographic region using the size of a map to determine relativity. (Submitted by Scott Schefferstein)

Superdome Concession Stand / Bathroom Wait Time app - Get 30 volunteers with the app, they could constantly canvas the 100 bathrooms and 40 concession stands submitting wait time estimates, so people at the game could check their phone and see a basic estimate of how long they might have to wait at a bathroom/concession stand. We could also collect user-submitted wait times. If we combine this data with metadata about the game, like score, game time, is it a time out, is it the end of a quarter, etc, then we could gather enough data over the course of a few games to make basic wait time estimates and a statistical model for every NFL stadium so fans could use this at every NFL game every season. (submitted by Brad Huber)

In anticipation of Super Bowl XLVII, the SUPER Challenge has been organized so CODEMKRS (developers, designers, and idea people) can make New Orleans more tech-friendly for those coming in town for the big game. Visitors will certainly leave with memories of the food, entertainment, culture and architecture for which New Orleans has long been celebrated, but we want to add technology to that takeaway list.

For two days, CODEMKRS teams will work night and day at Peter Mayer's headquarters to build web apps that will be deployed Super Bowl weekend to help visitors have the best New Orleans experience possible.

The Super Bowl Host Committee is the official prize sponsor for the SUPER Challenge and developers can expect over-the-top prizes such as a tickets to the biggest parties, official memorabilia, passes to exclusive parties, dinners at the finest restaurants, nights at top hotels, live music,seafood, and more!