Your Questions answered!

Do all team members have to be at the event?


  • One person must be present at all times to maintain prize eligibility.

Can you bring in a project that you've already been working on?  

  • Yes. You are required to make something new on top of it during the 24 hr period and declare it at the beginning of the event to the organizers to get eligibility confirmation.

Can you bring a project that have already been published? 

  • Yes as long as you make an addition to it that is made in the 24 hr period and is relevant to the Challenge and it is declared at the beginning of the event to the organizers to get eligibility confirmation.

Can you leverage open source software that's already existing?  

  • Of course. Use your favorite boilerplate. All API's are fair game. Got gists you love? Use em!

Are there limits to what technologies can be used?  

  • No limits!

Does it have to be mobile accessible?  

  • Mobile optimization is preferred and encouraged. It's 2013!!

Does it have to be cross-platform? 

  • We encourage this. HTML5 is a beautiful thing.

Are native mobile apps allowed at all?  

  • No. We dont want to deal with app stores and platform requirements. 

Will the code quality be judged?  

  • No its solely based on functionality. But reuasable code is always encouraged.

Does the source code have to be accessible?

  • No but you are in charge of keeping it private if this is your wish. Remember Github public repos are free!

Will we be verifying that all work was done at the event?

  • No we will verify that work was done at the event. More the merrier is our Mantra.

Are there limits to team sizes?

  • Teams will be capped at a reasonable number for the projects needs. Prizes are awarded to the team and split 

What if a 5 person team wins 2 tickets to something?

  • Decide amongst yourselves.... Or we will make a randomization app for you to decide who goes.

What will the judges be using as criteria to judge?

  • Prize sponsors pick their winners unless they defer to the judges. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize packages will be awarded by the judges. These prize packages and criteria will be laid out at the beginning of the event.